“We really appreciate all of your work on our behalf. You were a tremendous help on our last sale and subsequent three purchases, but we are especially grateful for your help with the problem that cropped up after the last purchase closed. Your work was officially done, yet you continued to act on our behalf when we ran into a snag with the seller regarding some funds that were to be paid to us outside of closing. You could have just listened and commiserated with me, but instead you acted as intermediary and helped resolve the problem. Your professionalism and conflict resolution skills were invaluable in arriving at an equitable solution. Just so you are aware of the regard in which you are held, our updated estate documents instruct our executor to use your services in liquidating our real estate as part of winding up our affairs. We are hoping that your services will not be needed for a long, long, time of course. We have worked with FBR Realty since 1988, and we are convinced that you may be the only truly honest real estate brokers in the country.”

-Jane Kane, CPA

“Travis Glendenning and FBR Realty did an excellent job marketing our home. Travis checked in with us regularly and was easily accessible throughout the time that our home was listed. He was responsive to our needs and answered questions and inquiries promptly. In the end, our home sold for top dollar. We were very pleased. After closing Travis worked diligently to help us find a new place. He was patient with us as we struggled through multiple showings trying to figure out exactly what we wanted. What struck us most of all was the comfort in knowing, through the entire time, that FBR and Travis were watching out for our best interests. This type of customer service and attention to detail is hard to come by in this day and age.”

-Dean and Laura Thornberry, Fireman and Office Manager

“We used Travis Glendenning at FBR realty as he provided the complete solution through our entire home selling and buying process. Travis was an asset in every facet of our process as he assisted with the sale of our home, finding viable land and building options within our requested appropriate geographic area, and recommended us to a wide variety of builders while keeping us within our budget. We have found Travis to be knowledgeable, honest, hardworking and dedicated to his clients in helping them choose the best option given each client’s situation. All of these make Travis Glendenning the obvious solution.”

-Adam and Jodie Keser, Sales Manager and Accountant

“Travis follows the long tradition at FBR Realty to put the client first. My recent purchase was a residential
investment property that really met the goals for investment. Travis ensured that we diligently checked out the property. In negotiations, Travis was very professional and listened to my needs and concerns, while giving me good advice. We were very successful and the deal was quickly done. Now, a year and a half later, I remain very happy with the results. I recommend Travis, he is outstanding.”

-Bruce Prenguber, Economist Globalwize Inc.